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Asmodus Minikin Boost 155W is one of mods for vape tricks from the American company Asmodus. The manufacturer has combined the quality of its best developments in the device. In the internal part of the device, an electronic board GX-155 is mounted, which allows the boxing mode to develop power up to 155 watts.
The latest mods for vape tricks allow to develop such power:
The varivatt mode: 155 watts.
Thermal control mode: 120 watts.

A battery requires a pair of batteries (standard 18650). Batteries are very simply inserted into the device – the lid on the magnets is easy to remove and replacement is quick enough.
In addition, you can recharge the device without removing the batteries from it – for this you need to use the USB port. The main thing is that the current strength should be at least 1 A, otherwise these mods for vape tricks will take a long time to charge. Due to the good width of the upper platform of the battery pack (maximum 25 mm), you can use most of the atomizers. Asmodus Minikin V3 200W is one of new powerful mods for vape tricks from the Minikin family with a full color touch screen for easy operation. The body form factor has changed dramatically, the profile has remained “triangular”, but now it has become asymmetric, plus anatomical notches have been added to the back side.

The heart of the device is the new GX-200-UTC electronic board, two 18650 standard batteries are used as a battery (not included), which allow working with power from 1 W to 200 W, adjusting it to the nearest 0.1 W.
The connector platform is made according to the 510 standard with a spring-loaded central contact.
Minikin 3 supports 200 watts of power with variable power modes and a more accurate temperature control mode. In addition, it has many customization options and new innovations to fine tune user preferences.
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