E-Liquid Cigarettes

Conventional vape fillers are a glycerin-based nicotine solution. For 5% Juul pods, this solution is diluted with various acids. Most often, benzoic acid. The result is salt nicotine (or, as it is also called, nicotine salts). This substance also has a liquid consistency, but a different formula. When evaporated, “nicotine salt” is absorbed by the human body very quickly. Literally, from the second to the third puff. This is a key advantage over standard e-cigarettes.

The 5% Juul pods are beneficial.

Among the most significant advantages of Juul, which helped him to conquer the market of electronic devices for smokers in the United States, experts point out:

· Attractive tech design. In appearance, the gadget resembles an elongated flash drive and has little in common with bulky and awkward vape.

· Ease of use. One of the problems of other vape products was the difficulty of operation – the need to buy bottles of liquid, refuel the atomizer, and mess around with the coils. If you are not a vape geek, this is troublesome and unhygienic. With Juul, it’s simple. Cartridges-pods are not designed for refueling. You use it for how long, and then you throw it away and insert a new one.

To this, a minimalistic interface without a single button is added. The gadget starts automatically as soon as you do the first puff. The tiny indicator light turns on when the Juul is running, and goes out when it goes to sleep.

3. Nicotine salt inside the hearth for rapid absorption of nicotine into the blood. As mentioned above, inside the hearth for Juul is nicotine salt. When this substance is evaporated, nicotine is delivered to the blood several times faster than from vape. Almost the same speed as when smoking regular cigarettes. This provides rapid nicotine saturation and a sense of satisfaction from the process.

To be completely satisfied with the usage of 5% Juul pods, make sure that these pods are purchased from verified suppliers only.

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